Train’s A Comin’

This cocktail is crafted with the discerning palate of Concord grape enthusiasts in mind.

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If you enjoy Aviation but find the bright sweetness of Maraschino Luxardo not to your liking, the Waterlily might be your perfect choice.

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English Rose

English Rose – the cocktail that reflexes the quintessential English beauty, intertwining the concepts of women and flowers.

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Ad Astra

Here’s another riff on the classic Aviation cocktail.

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Rosina Ferrario No. 203

Rosina Ferrario No. 203 pays homage to aviation and the delicate allure of Crème de violette. This Italian twist on the Aviation, a pioneer in its cocktail category, bears the name of Rosina Ferrario, the trailblazing Italian woman who secured her pilot’s license back in 1913, flying the Caproni monoplane under license number 203.

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Aviation is a forgotten and reborn American classic.

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As promised, here’s the second vampire-inspired cocktail for the night of the macabre. The first can be found here, along with my musings on vampires as a whole, with a particular focus on Nosferatu.

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