Train’s A Comin’

This cocktail is crafted with the discerning palate of Concord grape enthusiasts in mind. Within our North American locale, the preponderance of red grape juice is derived from the Concord grape, finding utility not only in beverages but also in the creation of preserves, confectioneries, and a modest quantity of wine bearing the nomenclature “Concord.” The Concord grape, a cultivar derived from the American grape species Vitis labrusca, distinguishes itself from its viniferous counterparts. It is noteworthy that the majority of the world’s wines emanate from the grape varieties of the European species Vitis vinifera, positioning the Concord grape in a distinctive sphere within the vinicultural domain. This grape, characterized by a remarkably robust aroma termed “foxy” due to the presence of Methyl anthranilate, stands apart from Vitis vinifera varieties, which lack this distinctive olfactory profile. Further, the Concord grape boasts a rich, deep purple hue, a chromatic signature it generously imparts to all its amalgamations. In the realm of this cocktail, the concentrated juice is harnessed, intensifying the impact of Concord’s flavor and color profile with precision.

Crafted in 2015 by the head bartender Nicolas Bennett of New York’s Porchlight bar, this libation marked a historic moment—the extension of Manhattan’s 7th subway line right up to the bar’s doorstep.

A fusion of two classics, the Sazerac and Aviation, the concoction unveils an intense, luminous bouquet dominated by herbaceous and floral notes, with the Concord grape taking center stage.

1 oz / 30 ml Cognac
3/4 oz / 20 ml dry white vermouth
3/4 oz / 20 ml fresh lemon Juice
3/4 oz / 20 ml Concord grape syrup
½ bar spoon / 2.5 ml Crème de Violette
Bas spoon / 5 ml Absinth

1.Rinse the inside of a chilled glass with absinthe.
2.Shake all other ingredients with ice and strain into the prepared glass.
3.Optionally, add ice.

Garnish – lemon twist

Cocktail glass

Concord Syrup:
1.Add two cups of Concord juice into a saucepan.
2.Reduce the mixture by half over medium heat.
3.Introduce a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and reduce by half again.
4.Allow it to cool.

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