Themed wine appreciation sessions “Taste and Learn”

I bring to your attention stories about wines combined by variety, geography or type of production. “Rieslings of the World: Taste of Sugar and Age”, “Sparkling Wines”, “Pinot Noir: white, rose and red wines from the same vine”, “Jerez”, “Wines of New Zealand”, “Chardonnay: taste of climate and oak”, “Wines of Spain”, “Sake” and many others, the wine world is endless. Each story would be accompanied by tasting wines that perfectly reflect the subject. “Taste and Learn” session takes about 1.5-2 hours, and I will offer 5-7 wines to compare and enjoy.

Have you ever wondered how the white champagne Grand Anne from Bollinger and red Burgone are made from the same grape variety? Isn’t it interesting how aging changes the taste of Riesling? What does oak bring to the taste of Chardonnay? Why can’t anybody tell you the exact age of Jerez in your glass? If you find yourself in New Zealand, would you know which part of the country is best for trying local Pinot Noir, and where Sauvignon blanc is a blast?
These and many other facts and stories from the world of wine are offered to you in the themed wine appreciation sessions “Taste and Learn”.

By focusing on variety of grapes, geography, or type of production, I will bring your attention to the vast scope of wines, and take your taste buds on an exciting adventure. Each story would be accompanied by a tasting of wines that perfectly reflect the subject.
Here are some examples of talks, with a short description of what you will taste and learn.

Rieslings of World: taste of climate, sugar and age
In this session, you’ll find out how wine taste reflects regional climate by comparing the light taste of green apple and citrus found in delicate Rieslings from Germany with the taste of ripe peaches and apricots found in richer wines from Washington or Australia. By tasting young and old wines you will study how aging brings completely new flavors, including the famous “gasoline” taste of Riesling . By comparing dry, semi-dry and sweet Rieslings you’ll discover what level of sugar you like the most, and how botritisation brings a hint of honey to the wine. You will learn how Riesling originated, where to find the best Rieslings in the world, and how to avoid potential confusion with its name. We’ll also discuss ways to make sweet wines and how to read and understand German wine labels.

Jerez (Xerez, Sherry)
You will compare and contrast dry, light Fino, which has a salty taste of almond and fresh bread, heavy, saturated Oloroso, that features an aroma of toffee, leaf and walnuts, Amontillado, whose taste is a mix of Fino and Oloroso, the liquorish Pedro Himenez, with strong notes of raisin, honey and a mix of dried fruit, and a fifth wine of mysterious blend, either Medium Sherry or Cream Sherry. You will find out how fortified wines are made, what a solera is, why you can’t determine exact age of Jerez in your glass, what the difference is between the maturation of Fino and Oloroso and what it brings to their tastes, what information can be found on a Jerez label, and how choose the wine of your preference.

Wines of New Zealand
New Zealand is a relatively new country in the wine market, yet the superb quality of its wine has moved it to a high ranking among other countries in the past few years. New Zealand currently specializes in Sauvignon blanc and Pinot Noir, but it is also good for Chardonnay and Bordeaux-like blends. We will be tasting wines from specific regions where they are highest in quality and richest in taste.

Of course, these are only examples of sessions I offer. The world of wine is endless, and I’ll be happy to be your tour guide and help you explore it.
I can offer these sessions individually, with the theme of your choice, or in a series focused on geography, type of wine, or any other criteria. For example, you may request “Wines of France by Region”, “Most Popular White Wines by Variety”, “Fortified Wines”, and so on.

You can find recent sessions I have held (with testimonials) here.

You can select the theme of a session or series from the list below, or simply tell me that you would like to learn and I will prepare a special session for you.

Sparkling wines
Pinot Noir: white, rose and red wines from the same vine
Chardonnay: taste of climate and oak
Wines of Spain
Sweet fortified wines: Port, Madeira, Vin de naturel
Australian wines
Wines of Bodeaux