Nosferatu blood

As the darkest night falls upon the Earth, shrouding it in a veil of horror and the undead’s feast, we find ourselves at the convergence of various traditions: Samhain, All Saints’ Eve, The Day of the Dead, and Halloween—all part of one spectacular worldwide celebration. I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to contribute to the revelry.

Fate led me to discover two intriguing cocktails—Nosferatu and Nosferatu Blood. While their shared name draws a connection to the vampire world, there’s nothing inherently Halloween-themed about them. In fact, they both exude an elegance that defies the stereotypical Halloween aesthetic.

I must confess, I’m somewhat surprised by the choice of the name Nosferatu. These cocktails bear no resemblance to the ghoulish, nightmarish visage associated with the Nosferatu vampire clan. Those unfortunate souls, during their transformation, morph into grotesque, almost zombie-like creatures, far from the suave image one associates with vampires. Only their diet remains true to their vampiric roots. For them, maintaining a masquerade among humans is an arduous task, often relegating them to the sewers. Were I to name a cocktail for this theme, I’d lean more towards Ventrue, Tremere, or Malkavian.

On the flip side, the creators of these cocktails may have had no connection to the “World of Darkness” lore, perceiving Nosferatu as the iconic figure from the silent horror classic—a Dracula-esque character, albeit unauthorized, merely a unique vampire’s namesake.

But enough about vampires; let’s get back to the cocktails.


-2 oz/50 ml vodka
-1 oz/25 ml Grand Marnier
-2 oz/ 50 ml pomegranate juice
-0.5 oz/15 ml lemon juice

Pomegranate seeds and peel for garnish


Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice and shake gently. Strain into the chilled cocktail glass and enjoy.

Consider it fair warning: after a couple of these delightful concoctions, you might want to avoid gazing too long into your glass—just in case. 🍸

For the second Nosferatu cocktail, you can find it here.

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