Open That Bottle Night

The last Saturday of February is Open That Bottle Night.

You keep The Bottle of good wine for a wedding, solar eclipse, end of a big project, a marathon of two hours, alien to the president, or any other important for you event. But this has still not even happened. Or it happened, but you separated with your bottle at this moment. Don’t wait until this bottle will be open o your funeral. It is symbolic, but you want to try his wine yourself. And almost any wine wouldn’t survive so long.
The last Saturday of February is a perfect time to open such a bottle.

My bottle for tonight is The Boss of Kontos Cellar from Walla Walla Washington state. Bordeaux blend 2015. I visited this winery in 2019, the same time I bought this bottle. It was the exclusive vantage, only for club members, but I had an excellent talk with

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Walla Walla. September visit.

At the end of September, we traditionally visited East Washington to try something new.

В Walla Walla we tried three wineries.

Moonbase Cellar

Small family winery. Laine and Drew Pauk founded it only in 2017. Before they did completely different things, but fell in love with viniculture, moved to Washington, and founded the winery. They don’t have their own vineyard yet and buy grapes from the vineyards of Walla Walla AVA and two small unique AVAs.

The tasting room is operated by the owner, and it was very interesting to talk with him. Well, mainly to listen to him only, because as soon as we started to talk, the big and bold company appeared and requested all his attention. So, normal dialogue became impossible, but we heard his inspiring vinicultural speech. He is a fan of wine education and always tries to bring more info to the clients. He uploaded his short educational movie

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Walla Walla. April visit.

About once a year I make a visit to the wineries of East Washington, tasting the production of the local winemakers. Some of them I love so much that re-visit them from time to time, especially to introduce them to my friends, but usually, I love to try something new considering the huge amount of wineries in this place. My preference is small wineries which wines can be bought only via the winery itself, because wines of big wineries can be found in any huge liquor store in the state, so don’t worth so long ride. A couple of weeks ago we spent a day in Walla Walla, one of the most famous AVA of Washington. About AVA and US wine law you can read here.

This time we visited four new (for me) wineries.

First on our way was Waterbrook, the biggest and most glamorous among them. The huge

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