Open That Bottle Night

The last Saturday of February is Open That Bottle Night.

You keep The Bottle of good wine for a wedding, solar eclipse, end of a big project, a marathon of two hours, alien to the president, or any other important for you event. But this has still not even happened. Or it happened, but you separated with your bottle at this moment. Don’t wait until this bottle will be open o your funeral. It is symbolic, but you want to try his wine yourself. And almost any wine wouldn’t survive so long.
The last Saturday of February is a perfect time to open such a bottle.

My bottle for tonight is The Boss of Kontos Cellar from Walla Walla Washington state. Bordeaux blend 2015. I visited this winery in 2019, the same time I bought this bottle. It was the exclusive vantage, only for club members, but I had an excellent talk with their sommelier, and he made me temporary membership just for this bottle. The wine was very good but required a couple more years of age to open completely. I planned to open it in 2021, with no success. I wanted to open the bottle for last year’s Open That Bottle Night, but we were separated in different countries. Finally, we are together. Passed years have only improved this wine. The complex taste of black fruits, spices, earth notes, and very smooth tannins. I am satisfied.

Open YOUR bottle tonight!

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