Walla Walla. April visit.

About once a year I make a visit to the wineries of East Washington, tasting the production of the local winemakers. Some of them I love so much that re-visit them from time to time, especially to introduce them to my friends, but usually, I love to try something new considering the huge amount of wineries in this place. My preference is small wineries which wines can be bought only via the winery itself, because wines of big wineries can be found in any huge liquor store in the state, so don’t worth so long ride. A couple of weeks ago we spent a day in Walla Walla, one of the most famous AVA of Washington. About AVA and US wine law you can read here.

This time we visited four new (for me) wineries.

First on our way was Waterbrook, the biggest and most glamorous among them. The huge tasting room, nice pond and lawns, and other staff. They also have a restaurant. We skipped the lunch but ordered the cheese plate which was nice.

The tasting is expensive, with 22 backs for a flight of four wines. (I should say that covid years with all their restrictions had a very bad influence on tasting prices everywhere. The restrictions disappeared, but prices are still high.) Yet, the whole flight is about 300 ml, so, it is just the price of the wine. All wines were good but especially good was Merlot. 2018 Reserve Merlot is very good, and 2018 Icon Merlot is perfect. I even took an additional glass with the cheese plate.

So, if you want to spend some relaxing time with a glass of good wine – I would recommend this place.

Adamant Cellars is a small, but absolutely nice winery. Winemakers- family couple, the winery exists since 2006. I had a nice talk with the owner. Albarino, Tempranillo, Malbec, Cabernet, Syrah, interesting blends…. Everything was really good, but the 2017 Winemaker Select Merlot was amazing. Three years in 25% new French oak. Full-bodied, with soft tannins and complex deep taste – blueberry, cherry, black olives, tobacco, coffee, and species. It is ready to drink right now but has the potential for another ten years. Couldn’t resist taking a bottle home.

Truth Teller – is a small winery with a huge variety of nice wines. It has Columbia Valley AVA, but vineyards locate in Walla Walla. Another nice talk with the owners. Albarino, Vionier, Bordeaux- and Rhone-style blends. Everything is good. Special impression – Wisdom 2014 – Cab sauv, Merlot, Cab Fran, Petit Verdot. A full-bodied, deep, well-aged, complex wine with rich taste. Took the bottle home.

The only last winery, Kristin Hill winery, didn’t impress me.
They make many different wines, and use many relatively rare approaches – orange Chardonnay, Pinot noir nouveau (2019, which is very strange for nouveau, and without typical nouveau taste), Tempranillo nouveau (this one with nouveau taste), Pinot noir whole bunches fermented. Plus plenty of wines made by classic approach. Everything is OK, but nothing special.

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