Swamp Water

As I mentioned the Swamp Water cocktail in my Chartreuse story, it’s only fitting that we delve into its history.

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Amber Room aka Golden Glow

One more cocktail for Chartreuse lovers.

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Mujer Verde

Another colorful character on my cocktail list. For those who appreciate Chartreuse.

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The Exotic Teapot

The Exotic Teapot offers a fusion of Irish whiskey and the aromatic essence of Rooibos. It’s a refreshing experience with an intriguing twist, thanks to the subtle spice notes imparted by Yellow Chartreuse.

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Winter Pleasure

Winter is not just coming, winter is already here.
And it is not even December yet.
It is snowing the whole day, and the snow even doesn’t melt.
Trying to find the positive side of this sad situation, I remembered, that my supplies of Chartreuse (about Chartreuse) are not only restocked, but also expanded, and the box of perfect cacao powder is waiting in the wings.
That means that I can make a cup of hot chocolate with Chartreuse, the favourite winter drink in the Alps and their foothills.
Perfect. Recommend.
Only make chocolate in European style, not American – rich, heavy, and not too sweet.

Angel’s Share

In the meticulous production process of cognac, one pivotal stage involves the maturation of the spirit in oak barrels.

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Spring Feeling

Spring has graced us with its presence once more, and as the trees burst into bloom, it’s time to unveil a new mini-series of spring cocktails.

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Last Word

As we prepare to say goodbye to a challenging year, what better way to raise a glass than with the aptly named “Last Word”? But let’s not limit its merits to nomenclature; this cocktail has taken its place among my favorites.

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Chartreuse. The Elixir of Longevity with Four Hundred Years of History.

During my visit to Lyon last autumn, I couldn’t resist spending a day in the birthplace of my favorite liqueur, exploring the fascinating world of the original Elixir Vegetal de la Grande-Chartreuse, discovering the home of the Carthusian monks who created it, and delving into the captivating history and present-day allure of this enigmatic elixir.

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