Learn to Read Labels. Europe.

In the art of wine selection, where the choices are as diverse as the palates that make them, mastering the skill of navigating wine labels emerges as an invaluable asset. Indeed, these labels harbor a wealth of information, awaiting extraction by those who know how to decipher them. While this proficiency may not immunize one from occasional missteps, it renders choices more informed and aligned with the desired characteristics of the chosen wine.

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Learn to Read Labels. France.

The benefits of knowing how to read wine labels and understanding of wine law common for EU are discussed in the article “Learn to Read Labels. Europe.” Here, I will be talking about things that are specific to France. I will not be returning to the basics, so I highly recommended reading the article about Europe first, as it is quite important for understanding this one.

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Wines of Greece

Situated at the genesis of global winemaking, Greece is the progenitor of European viticulture. While historical records are obscured by the veils of time, it is conjectured that viticulture journeyed to Greece from Egypt and Phoenicia, with roots extending back to Caucasus and Mesopotamia. Assuming the mantle, Greece not only nurtured the industry but also disseminated it across the entire Mediterranean region. For four, perhaps even six millennia, Greece has been cultivating grape varieties that trace their lineage to antiquity.

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