Her Majesty. The cocktail for World Bartender Day

Today, on February 24th, we celebrate World Bartender Day, a day dedicated to honoring those who bring creativity and passion to the art of mixology. In tribute to the men and women in this esteemed profession, particularly those who infuse it with their boundless imagination, I am delighted to introduce my own creation: Her Majesty.

This regal cocktail, a labor of love I crafted nearly a year ago, has been patiently awaiting its moment to grace the palates of cocktail enthusiasts. What better occasion to unveil it to the world than Bartender Day?

It all began during a visit to dear friends when I felt the urge to craft something distinctly different from my usual concoctions. The idea of a tea-based cocktail had been simmering in my mind for a while, yet none of the existing recipes quite resonated with my palate. It’s not that those recipes were subpar; they simply didn’t align with my personal taste preferences. Adhering to my personal cocktail-making mantra—when you can’t find what you crave, craft it yourself—I embarked on a journey to create a libation that would satisfy my distinct yearning.

I sought to infuse this creation with the spirit of England, a realm renowned for its cherished tradition of tea accompanied by the zesty brightness of lemon and the distinctive allure of gin. To elevate the English essence and enhance the citrus notes, I turned to the esteemed Earl Grey tea. To sweeten the deal, I incorporated Triple Sec, further amplifying and enriching the citrus symphony.

After playful experimentation with proportions, I arrived at a recipe that harmoniously blends these elements:

-4 oz / 120 ml brewed and cooled Earl Grey
-2 oz/ 60 ml Dry Gin
-2/3 oz / 20 ml Triple Sec
-2/3 oz / 20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled glass.

Cocktail glass

The result? A refreshingly invigorating libation that captures the essence of an English afternoon tea with an intriguing twist.

As for its name, I contemplated various monikers but found myself drawn to “Her Majesty” in honor of the remarkable queen who bestowed her royal approval upon the beloved Royal Gin—a spirit I hold in high esteem.

On this Bartender Day, may Her Majesty reign supreme among your favorite cocktail creations, and may it serve as a tribute to the creative spirits behind the bar who continually craft liquid masterpieces for our enjoyment. Cheers to bartenders everywhere!

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