The Casino cocktail, a delightful variation of the classic Aviation, offers a twist where the enchanting Crème de violette gracefully steps aside to make room for the invigorating presence of Orange Bitters. In this transformation, the fragrant essence of Seville oranges replaces the previously dominant aroma of Parma violets.

The Casino emerged shortly after the Aviation, likely in response to the limited availability of Crème de violette. Its inaugural appearance in the world of mixology can be traced back to Hugh Enslinn’s 1917 masterpiece, “Recipes for Mixed Drinks.” In this iconic book, Enslinn generously shared the recipes for all the cocktails that graced the glasses of patrons at his esteemed bar in the Wallick Hotel, located in the heart of New York City.

The classic rendition of Casino calls for Old Tom Gin; however, the equally esteemed London Dry Gin can be substituted to equally captivating effect. The primary distinction between the two lies in their sweetness levels. Old Tom Gin boasts a sweeter profile, resulting in a Casino cocktail with a touch more sweetness, while London Dry Gin, for me personally, offers a perfect balance when coupled with the rich Maraschino liqueur.

As for serving, the choice is yours – whether to introduce ice cubes into the glass or savor it straight and undiluted.

The IBA Recipe.


1 1/3 oz / 40 ml Gin
1/3 oz / 10 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
1/3 oz / 10 ml Maraschino
Two dashes Orange Bitters


Pour all ingredients into cocktails shaker, shake well with ice, strain into a chilled rocks glass with ice.
Garnish with lemon zest and a maraschino cherry.

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