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Themed wine appreciation session “Taste and Learn”

I bring to your attention stories about wines combined by variety, geography or type of production. “Rieslings of the World: Taste of Sugar and Age”, ”Sparkling Wines”, “Pinot Noir: white, rose and red wines from the same vine”, “Jerez”, “Wines of New Zealand”, “Chardonnay: taste of climate and oak”, “Wines of Spain”, “Sake” and many others, the wine world is endless. Each story would be accompanied by tasting wines that perfectly reflect the subject. “Taste and Learn” takes about 1.5-2 hours, and 5-6 different wines will be offered for tasting. A more detailed description of some talks can be found here.
Such tastings can be offered individually with the subject of your choice or by series (examples of series: “Wines of France by regions”, “Most Popular White wine by varietals”, “Fortified wines”, and so on.
For wine stores: wines would be chosen from your inventory.

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