Champagne Cobbler

This Champagne Cobbler is a special dedication to my dear friend Rouslan, an ardent admirer of this classic libation. His passionate enthusiasm prompted me to break my prolonged silence on this delightful subject, and I present this concoction with sheer astonishment.

The illustrious Cobbler cocktail family boasts a heritage spanning almost two centuries, with the Cherry Cobbler being its pioneering member. However, like any passionate love affair, diversification soon took center stage. Cobblers, by definition, are a genre of drinks that harmoniously blend fruits, sweeteners, and an alcohol base, typically wine, all served over finely crushed ice.

One could consider Cobblers as the à la carte rendition of the punch bowl, necessitating a transition from communal revelry to personalized sips.

In the case of the Champagne Cobbler, the wine component takes the form of effervescent charm. As for the remaining ingredients, the choice of fruits and sweeteners is left to the preferences of the mixologist. Even the inclusion of juices is not off the table. Contrary to its name, Champagne, any sparkling wine of choice is entirely suitable. The sweetness level of the wine is a matter of personal taste.

Historical recipes for the Champagne Cobbler featured a medley of a lemon slice, an orange slice, sugar, and sparkling wine. In contemporary renditions, sugar has been largely replaced with either simple syrup, which readily dissolves into the concoction, or fruit-based liqueurs, with Maraschino being my favored choice.

Traditionally, Cobblers are served over finely crushed ice. Yet, this method comes with a caveat—rapid dilution of the beverage, as crushed ice readily surrenders to the surrounding liquid. To circumvent this, a newer practice has emerged—serving without ice, instead chilling the drink rapidly with ice cubes before transferring it into the glass. I have devised an intermediate approach—serving on the rocks. Ice cubes melt more slowly, keeping the drink pleasantly cool without hastening dilution.

And thus, I present my Champagne Cobbler recipe:

-1 oz/ 30 ml Maraschino
-Assorted fruits (one glass includes a slice of orange, a strawberry, and a blueberry; the other glass includes two slices of peach, a blackberry, and a blueberry)
-Sparkling wine (my choice is Cava brut, both white and rosé varieties)

1.Muddle a selection of berries with Maraschino in each glass.
2.Add ice to each glass.
3.Fill each glass with sparkling wine.


Any tall glass

For those who relish a light, fruity cocktail, feel free to create your ideal version and savor the moment!

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