Spring Revival

This year, spring has gracefully danced in a month later than its usual schedule, but this tardiness doesn’t diminish the joy of welcoming it with the third cocktail in my spring mini-series.

I found myself in a gin-centric groove lately, and while my affection for this spirit runs deep, I yearned to explore other realms of mixology. Today, the spotlight falls on rum and cucumber, a combination that promises to intrigue the palate.

In the year 2014, the international Bacardi Legacy competition played host to a captivating creation from Lithuania – the Spring Revival cocktail. Its architect was Algirdas Mulevicius, a bartender from Mr. Bond in Klaipeda.

Cucumber and mint infuse the cocktail with a refreshing and distinctly spring-like essence. The addition of egg white lends a velvety smoothness to the overall experience.

The subtle sweetness and gentle floral aroma are gifts from the elderflower liqueur. For my rendition, I chose the renowned French St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur, the elderflowers for which are meticulously handpicked in spring and infused in wine spirit for 48 hours, culminating in an elixir graced with 18% sugar content. It’s a truly delicate and highly aromatic floral liqueur that has me eager to explore more cocktail possibilities with it.

Please note that I’ve opted for elderflower liqueur as a substitute in this recipe, as the original calls for elderflower cordial.


-1 ½ cm Fresh Cucumber (chopped)
-2 oz/ 60 ml White Rum
-2/3 oz/ 20 ml Elderflower liquor
-2/3 oz/ 20 ml Fresh lime juice
-5 Mint leaves
-one egg white

Muddle the cucumber and mint in the base of the shaker. Add other ingredients and shake well with ice. Strain back into shaker and shake dry (without ice). Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Coupe glass

Mint leaf

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