August 1st marks World Albariño Day, a delightful occasion to pay homage to this beautiful grape variety that gives us light, refreshing, and highly aromatic wines, perfect for the summer season.

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Golden Chenin Blanc

Chenin blanc – a noble grape of remarkable potential. Sadly, this grape variety is often underappreciated, perhaps due to the challenges it presents to winemakers. Crafting exceptional wines from Chenin requires knowledge, skill, and dedication; without these, the results may be discouraging.

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Burgundy, renowned as the progenitor of globally celebrated grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot noir, birthed another notable offspring deserving of attention— Aligoté.

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Riesling stands as one of the most globally esteemed grape varieties, enjoying widespread favor among wine enthusiasts until the mid-20th century. Germany, heralded as the birthplace of Riesling, ascended to viticultural fame on the strength of this exceptional grape. The intrinsic connection between Riesling and Germany is underscored by the fact that Riesling constitutes the largest portion among grape varieties cultivated in the country, firmly establishing itself as the quintessential German varietal.

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On February 1st, wine enthusiasts unite to celebrate International Furmint Day, shining a spotlight on a grape variety that might be familiar in essence but perhaps not yet by name.

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Chardonnay: the taste of climate and oak

If you drink white wine in general, you almost surely drank Chardonnay. More than likely you drank it many times, even sometimes you probably didn’t know that it was Chardonnay in your glass. This is a very popular grape variety. Nowadays every wine-producing country makes Chardonnay. Every wine store, every restaurant has a multiple choice of Chardonnay. Its popularity keeps first place among white wines (or shares it with Sauvignon blanc that is more probable).

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