Calendar for Cocktail Lovers 2023

The calendar for the next year is ready.

12 new cocktails with the recipes.
12”×12” (305mm×305mm) close
12”×24” (305mm×610mm) open
Glossy quality paper
Wire bound

The calendar has two new features:

OR-code on each page leads to my articles about the corresponding cocktail. If you would like to know more about cocktail history, peculiarities of preparation and so on, you can easily find it.

Wine/Spirits/Cocktails Days are marked, so you can easier choose the drink for the current evening (morning or day:).

35 USD (+ mailing, if needed)

You can buy directly from me.


January – Vancouver

February – Angel’s Share

March – Rosina Ferrario No. 203

April – Spring Feeling

May – Spring revival

June – Blue Lady

July – Apple Blossom

August – Ad Astra

September – Argentina

October – Nosferatu

November – Preakness Manhattan

December – The Exotic Teapot